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Third Eye (2016)

They say when God shuts

a door, he opens a window.

That’s fine and all, but when

some eyes are shut, the choice

of escape becomes the only

way to prevent being blinded

by other’s ill-perceived expectations.


It’s hard to fully grasp the sorry state

of affairs we have found ourselves in

through the use of false lenses.


Some eyes are never blinded

by the knowledge others despise,

even when exposed for the faults

one bears. Forced to the outskirts

of humanity’s tolerance, some eyes

lay wide open, all seeing, because

some eyes, some eyes never lie.


Out in the abyss, looking for signs that

cannot be seen outside one’s own mind.

If you take away the mind, you are

left with a hollow husk of humanity.


When you close your eyes, tell

me, do you still see the light?

A spectrum against your mind,

visualizations of dreams of

brighter days and greener pastures.

Even through the darkest of days,­­­­

imagination nurtures the future.