About Dustin Triplett

Dustin Triplett

“Herman” by Craig Kandiko

Dustin Triplett is one of the co-founders of Geekenstein Media and the current Webmaster and Reviews Editor of Geekenstein.com, which is an unique website constructed with the sole intention of making online multimedia content fun again and a place for geeks to embrace our amazing and diverse culture. He’s also a regular co-host on Geekenstein’s Nuts and Bolts podcast and the Broke and Bored video series. He does a lot of co-things.

Like any good gentleman of the evening, Dustin has been around the Internet more than a few times. At the moment his focus is strictly over at Geekenstein where you can find him creating a ton of fun multimedia content including video game reviews, top lists, videos, podcasts and more.

He’s also available for freelance work, if you would feel inclined to pay him to write things for your publication, you can contact Dustin here.