About Dustin Triplett

Dustin Triplett has been a writer and editor for online multimedia content for over a decade. Previously writing for Yahoo!, Examiner, College Life, and Front Towards Gamer, Dustin went on to co-found Geekenstein Media. There he currently resides as the Webmaster and Reviews Editor for Geekenstein.com. He is also a regular co-host on Geekenstein’s Nuts and Bolts podcast and the Broke and Bored video series. He does a lot of co-things. In 2014, Dustin retired from world of video game reviewing in favor of becoming a video game developer. As such, he founded the indie development company, Corgis on Fire. He’s also available for freelance work. If you would feel inclined to pay him to write things for your publication, feel free to send him an email.

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